A Statement From Kat Thomas

It has come to our attention at Thomas Counselors at Law, LLC that Brian Kent, former partner of our joint venture partners, Laffey Bucci and Kent, LLP was terminated from the firm earlier this month.

We have also been made aware that allegations of misconduct were made against Brian Kent in connection with a former client.

While we respect that the complaints are under investigation, we believe survivors and refuse to remain silent in the face of reported misconduct and abuse of power.

We abhor the misuse of power to prey upon any individual. Whether it be between a doctor and patient, employer and employee, priest and parishioner, or an attorney and client; it is never okay to exploit a position of power for personal gratification.

While we support Laffey Bucci and Kent’s decision to terminate Brian, we believe more action is necessary to ensure that the whole truth has been brought to light.

We call upon Laffey Bucci and Kent to immediately initiate a transparent and independent investigation that will investigate and determine the truth about Mr. Kent’s conduct with those under his care or supervision. It is imperative that any findings of the investigation be made public. We further ask that they fully support the clients and their employees during this time.

We support all survivors’ rights to report misconduct to the authorities and law enforcement and to seek the assistance that they need.

– Kat Thomas
  on Behalf of Thomas Counselors at Law, LLC