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We firmly believe that it is time for survivors to stop paying for the harms others have caused. We fight to expose the dark side of gender-based violence and sexual violence and help you find your voice to end cycles of abuse and bring restorative justice for you and others.

Kat Thomas, Esq.


Most Child Victims Act claims against NY are being dismissed: Why and what's being done

While thousands of Child Victims Act cases proceed, many of the 283 against state entities have been dismissed by Court of Claims judges.


Adult Survivors Act Q&A

On May 24, 2022, Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Adult Survivors Act (ASA) into law, which gives survivors of sexual assault an opportunity to heal and seek justice.

Cruciani Survivors Refuse to be Silenced;
The Convictions Should Stand

On July 29th, a Manhattan jury found former Beth Israel pain management physician/neurologist Richard Cruciani guilty on 12 counts of predatory sexual assault, sexual abuse, rape and other crimes stemming from crimes committed upon six of his former patients.


NYC's Gender Motivated Violence Act Coming in 2023

Marsh Law Firm Associate Helene Weiss and Thomas Legal Counselors at Law Founder Kat Thomas discuss New York City's Gender Motivated Violence Act which will take effect in 2023.


Rally for Adult Survivors Act

Safe Horizon, survivors, and lawmakers rallied for the Adult Survivors Act before the legislative session ends. Legislators have only 10 days to pass the bill. CVA survivors joined to urge legislators to open the lookback window to time-barred survivors who were over the age of 18 at the time of their abuse.


Adult Survivors Act

Safe Horizon supports the Adult Survivors Act which is proposed legislation that would create a special one-year lookback window to allow individuals who were 18 or older when they were sexually assaulted in New York State to file a lawsuit against the person who harmed them and/or the negligent institution. This bill is necessary because of the very short statute of limitations that most adult survivors of sexual assault currently face.

Former Olympian Conrad Mainwaring charged with assaulting youth campers in 1970s

Former Olympian Conrad Avondale Mainwaring, the subject of a nearly three-year ESPN investigation, is arrested outside a Los Angeles courthouse Wednesday on felony charges stemming from his time as a camp counselor in the 1970s.

A big win for survivors!

Protecting the rights of survivors in New York. Defendants in sexual violence cases cannot hide behind anonymity.
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